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Remove Stains from Vintage Clothing

It is not surprising and odd that vintage clothing could have multitude of different stains. Such ‘dirt’ could have accumulated through years of journey. The items could be second-hand, and could have been owned by many other people before landing to your wardrobe. Do not worry about those undesirable blemishes and stains. If the garment

Vintage Clothing for the Stars

One of the most talked about comeback in the fashion scene today is that of the vintage clothing lines. Companies and big names in the industry of fashion are going all out and making a mark in the vintage clothing theme. The underground fashion scene has made vintage the epicenter of their designs and creations

How to Take Care of Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is not easy to find and is not usually reasonably priced. You should understand that this is logical because such items are rare finds. If your wardrobe’s profile is bolstered by several vintage fashion and accessories, you should strive harder to make sure your investment would last longer. You should recognize and understand

Top Six Rules In Vintage Clothing Resale

The great number of people who have taken interest in shopping vintage these days translates to a pretty much good market in vintage fashion. This, in turn, attracts an equally great number of people to start selling vintage items. But for these new sellers, selling online is a more viable option than starting a brick

Vintage Clothing Buying Tips

Undeniably, there are vintage clothes that don’t look appealing at all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything vintage looks old, soiled, and worn out. There is an unbelievably great number of vintage pieces today that still look pretty and are wearable despite the passage of time. The question, however, is how to spot them. There’s

The Look Of The 1950s Women’s Vintage Clothing

Like the clothes in earlier periods of time, the 1950’s women’s vintage clothing is mostly defined by dresses, skirts, and fluffy evening gowns. The 1950’s fashion is a mixture of the influences and creativity of many fashion geniuses. Though the looks in the 1940’s stood as forerunner of the 1950’s fashion trends, many designers introduced