Your Options for Custom Made T Shirts

If you are thinking about purchasing custom made t shirts, you need to consider all of the options at your disposal. You need to think about everything that you can do with the shirts that you will be ordering, and how these different changes will affect the final cost and turnaround time of the order.

Those who are getting their own custom t-shirts made need to take all variables into consideration. These four variables are the most important to consider, as they make up the majority of the cost of the shirt-customization process.


When you create your own tshirt, you have complete control over the colors of your shirt. You can control the actual color of the shirt itself by choosing a shirt that is the color that you want, or dying white shirts to create the color that you want.

You can also control the color of the design that you put on the shirt. You can choose one simple color, or can choose multiple colors for a more complex and interesting look and feel.


If you need shirts that only have words on them, you still have a high level of customization available to you. You can easily change the font type that you use for the words on the shirt, and can also change the size and color of the font, making for a unique shirt that meets all of your customization needs.


The design of your shirt is important to take into consideration, as it is what gives the shirt uniqueness and individuality. While the colors and fonts are an important part of the overall design of the shirt, they are not the only aspects of the design as a whole. You can easily choose signs, symbols, images, and other creations for your shirt to give it the unique look that you are looking for.

Individual Customization

When you make your own shirts, you can get individual names put on them. If you are creating the shirts for a group, you can have the last names of every individual put on the back of every shirt. Nicknames can also be added to shirts for a unique, personal touch. While this option is not necessary, it offers a fun way to customize the shirt to each and every individual in a group or team.

If you are getting custom made t shirts, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you want to create. You want to make sure that you know the design of the shirt, the colors and fonts needed for the shirt, and the level of customization needed for the shirt before our place your final order.

Customized t shirts are a simple an easy way to get the exact look, feel and message that you need on a shirt. Take all of your options into consideration to create the perfect custom shirt for your needs.