Wireless Reading Device – Your Virtual Library

If you’re not familiar with what a wireless reading device is, don’t worry, it’s a fairly new addition to our neat gadgets. This device is designed specifically to download and read digital books, sometimes called ebooks. You can go online to Amazon.com or other online book retailer, browse through their extensive selection of books available in digital format, pay for the book, and download it to your reader.

Once downloaded you can read it and when you are finished you can save it; so you will have it to re-read later.

There are several models of these readers available and each will have it’s own features. One of the best features available is the ability to access the online bookstore directly from your reader without having to purchase a separate wireless service plan.

For example, the reader that Amazon has available, called a Kindle, comes with it’s own network, called Whispernet, that will allow you to access any Sprint wireless network from anywhere in the country, and it’s included with the Kindel. You don’t have any additional costs.

When you are trying to decide which reader to buy you might want to keep this feature in mind, not all of them have this available.

These readers are available in different sizes but on average they are about ten ounces and have a display screen that is about 6″.

New technology, called E Ink, makes the display of a digital reader look like a piece of paper so it is easy on your eyes when you are reading. This display technology makes it seem like you are reading directly from a book.

When deciding on which model to choose you also want to check out how many titles they have available for download. Some sources have over 200,000 titles that you can download. Others have much less, sometimes as few as 60,000.

Storage capacity is another important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a reader. With some models you can store up to 1,500 titles but some models offer considerably less storage capacity.

Some readers also offer the option of using external memory. Just check the model that you are considering to find out what storage capabilities it has.

How many hours of use you’ll get off one battery charge is another factor in choosing the right reader for you. If you plan on using your reader away from a power source most of the time, battery life will be far more important to you, than to someone who will be using their reader at home most of the time.

Battery life will probably be pretty consistent between various models, but it is something to check out for yourself.

Our technology is constantly advancing. Many of these advances can make life easier. Using a wireless reading device can be a great way for you to carry your own virtual library with you everywhere you go. You can download titles all right on your reader within minutes and be reading that latest suspense novel in much less time than it would take you to drive to the local bookstore and buy it!