Where To Buy Telescopes

Your best bet on finding out where to buy telescopes is to do a search online. There are many sites that sell telescopes and can also give you pointers and assistance in purchasing the best one for your needs.

If you would rather shop in a retail store there are probably a few places that sell telescopes although, finding an actual retail store in your area that sells telescopes can be hit or miss. Radio Shack sells them and you could probably get a good look at one before you buy. Any of the big box stores like Sam’s or Costco may have one or two models in stock but that may be more miss than hit. The same goes for your local sporting goods store. Then you need to be worried about the quality of the telescope you buy. It probably is not the best

Your best bet is to find a site online like ScopeCity.com or OpticsPlanet.net and order one from there. You will be able to find practically anything you want or need regarding telescopes online. Prices ranging from $50-75 for beginner telescopes to upwards of $4000 or more for custom made telescopes.

If you are just starting out as a budding astronomer you probably do not have the cash for a custom telescope so stick with a low to mid priced one to start. There are plenty of decent ones available to begin your star gazing hobby.

Join a club online and ask questions about where to buy telescopes on their forum. You will always get excellent feedback and advice to help make an informed decision. You may be able to find a local star party to attend and get an up close and personal look at some telescopes and compare features of different ones, see what they have got and note what you like about each one.

You will no doubt have a lot of information coming at you all at once. Try to keep a notebook with notes on the different telescopes you learn about and if there happens to be something you do not understand, ask questions. You won’t look stupid and may gain some valuable insight into making a purchase.

Obviously your purchase depends on what telescope you decide to buy but I would recommend starting as inexpensive as you can, just because we all know human nature and something that sounds good and seems fun right now, may start to seem mundane and boring in a week or month, then where would you be if you spent your life savings on a custom made telescope,

To save even more on a telescope, instead of buying brand new, buy a used one. You may be able to get a really good telescope for not a lot of money if you buy used. Then you would have more money in your pocket for some special pieces or accessories to go with your new, used telescope.

There are deals to be had out there, too. Some sites offer up to 40%-70% off their telescopes and free shipping when you buy from them. Making the final decision on where to buy telescopes will probably be the hardest part of starting your new hobby.