Water Filtration Comparison Will Save You Money

Everyone wants to have clean water to drink and use in the home, but many people have the misconception that the water flowing from their faucet is always clean and fresh to drink. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. For those looking to do a water filtration comparison of products it is a good idea to know what to look for.

For those who do not have their own private well, they have to rely on water from their municipality. But some treatment facilities actually add chemicals to the water when it is processed in order to clean it up to their standards. Even well water is not guaranteed to be fresh. That’s why these systems are so important.

There is a dizzying array of makes and models to choose from. So which one is the right one, That really depends on what you are looking for.

These systems can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. They range from units that connect to a single faucet, under the counter units that cover kitchen water all the way to entire house units for all of your needs. This is where budget will come into play.

The important component to look for in a model is the filter. Some will have a single filter cartridge while others might have single or dual filtering membranes. This category can even be further broken down to the actual size of the filter and what size particles it will allow to pass through. Just like the filter on a home’s air-conditioning unit, the tighter the filter membrane, the smaller the particle size that becomes trapped.

Each type of filters traps different materials. Some focus on sand, sediment and dirt while others may concentrate on chlorine. Others actually look for such material as radon, pesticides and other contaminants.

You also have to consider the location of the unit. For those with limited counter space they will probably want a unit that attaches to the faucet. Or perhaps they can go with a unit that mounts under the sink. This will even provide water for a dishwasher, if connected.

Of course, if the budget is large enough, the whole house units are the best. These will have additional features that other smaller units will not be able to accommodate. Some even carry such additional components as titanium electrodes.

Doing a water filtration comparison of different units will open your eyes to what you can do to clean up your home’s water. It is also an education into just how much needs to be done to have clean drinking water.