Using the Internet to Hold your Teleconference

If you are a business owner or someone else who has ever had a phone teleconference call then you may be surprised to find out that there is a whole other way to complete the process of conducting a teleconference meeting. This whole “other way” involves the world of the internet where everything is automated and you don’t need to worry about a thing related to how people will hear you, get in and out of the teleconference meeting, and the time it will start.

Traditional teleconference meetings included a multi-person phone conference calls where the people involved with the teleconference meeting would join a conference call by dialing a phone number on their phone, inputting a secret pass-code, and then entering the actual conference “room.” However, with the internet the process is all automated and guests of the teleconference meeting are able to enter the virtual conference room of the meeting in one quick and simple step.

For hosts of teleconference meetings, the internet and teleconference software makes the whole thing a lot easier and takes much less time than actually setting up a meeting on their phone line. That would actually be a lengthy process and the host of the teleconference call would normally need to get on the call well in advance so that the participants of the meeting wouldn’t think that the host just wasn’t going to show up. On the other hand, with internet teleconference meetings there is no need to dial any phone numbers at all. Additionally, hosts can have their settings of the teleconference meeting so that the virtual conference room will be unlocked at the specified time. Unlocking the virtual conference room allows easy access for virtually everyone attending the meeting, and the host of the conference meeting can even use his or her settings to allow a “no password” option for members of the teleconference.

For participants of teleconference meetings the same principle is true as with the hosts. Instead of taking a very long time to actually dial in to a phone teleconference meeting the internet has made the process simpler. The only thing that is required of participants of internet teleconference meetings is that they need to download a certain software in order to be let into the meeting. This software is usually no more than 10 or 20 megabytes, which really won’t take up that much space on their computer anyway! After the participants have downloaded this software then they just need to sign on to the virtual conference room, with or without a password.

Using the internet for teleconference meetings also makes introductions a whole lot easier. Participants usually have the option of typing or voicing what they want to say with voice capabilities of the teleconference software. But everyone’s name will be able to be seen since usernames are usually required.

All in all, teleconference internet meetings are smart ways to conduct business and have just been made into a complete system on the internet. Even though millions still have yet to tap into this type of software and internet capability, the tools are there to have successful teleconference meetings!