Underwear Potty Training Tips

When people start to potty train their child, they let them wear diapers. They are waiting for their child to understand when they need to use the restroom. This saves time, and makes it so cleanup does not take a long time. At some point, however, the child needs to move from diapers to underwear. Some children make this change relatively quickly and painlessly. Others have a harder time switching to underwear.

A big part of the potty training process revolves around the use of underwear. Potty training strategies can actually use underwear as an incentive to learn to use the toilet. Many children want to grow up, and part of this is using big boy or big girl underwear.

If you are working with your child for potty training, you can use underwear as a bargaining tool. If your child has a few accidents, you can threaten to take this away. This may help them to focus on when they need to use the restroom. Underwear can actually help to teach your child when they need to get to the bathroom.

There are certain kinds of underwear that have been created specifically for potty training. This kind of underwear is a hybrid between normal underwear and diapers. While it is not bulky, it can still help protect against leaks from accidents. This is the perfect stepping stone for those who are trying to get their children off of diapers. You can make it easier to clean up leaks, but can still give the child the feeling of actual underwear.

There are other ways underwear serves as an important traing tool during the potty training. Your child can feel that they are wet, and that they have had an accident, when they wear underwear. Potty training requires that your child understands that when they do not use the toilet, they have had an accident. Underwear allows them to fully understand when they have had an accident. While it requires more cleanup, it is more embarrassing for the child. They are more likely to avoid accidents in the future, because they did not like how the accident felt.

You child may not be ready for underwear during the potty training process. While you do need to push comfort levels during the potty training process, you do not want to create too much change at once. This can throw your child off, and may keep them from learning how to potty train. Start the potty training process without implementing the underwear phase of the training.

Make sure that the child has progressed far enough before you start to change them to normal underwear. This is the best way to ensure that your child is potty trained correctly, and that they smoothly transition from diapers to underwear.