Warcraft Millionaire-The Blue Print to 1 Million in WOW Gold

Warcraft Millionaire is a guide created by Brad Johnson and it provides its readers with all the details that will enable them to accumulate large amounts of gold using legitimate and quick methods. Brad himself has been playing the game since its launch in 04 and has reached the gold cap on many and made almost a million in Gold in WoW.

The “1-60 Gold Guide” is the first main section of the Warcraft Millionaire. You will learn about the speed, at which you should be leveling, the items you should be purchasing and where you need to be in the game. You will be able to find great items and pay less than others for the items you require. You will also learn how to maximize your gold while leveling from 1 to 60. The guide accepts the fact that grinding is necessary for making gold. After reading Warcraft Millionaire you will learn how to grind more effectively, this combined with tips regarding getting the most out of your profession and taking advantage of the best daily quests, can really improve your game.

In the second called the “60-70 Gold Making Blueprint” you learn how to make gold in Outland and reveals all the methods you can use for doing this. In this guide also you will learn which items to buy and where to go in order to make maximum gold.

The third guide focuses on making a lot of gold in Northrend and it’s called the “70-80 Gold Making Blueprint” .This guide gives a lot of valuable tips on making gold in Northrend.

Warcraft Basics is the fourth book included in the package and it’s a very good read for any newcomer ho wants to make a solid start in WOW. The 5th book is the Auction House Domination guide .It teaches you which tools will unlock the potential profit in everything you buy and which sure shot methods will earn you profits in the Auction House.

A very good addition to the game is the daily quests and the Daily Quests guide teaches you how to earn up to 12 gold per quest completed. This method does not generate gold quickly but it’s still a fairly reasonable method for semi hardcore players. There are also three other items that you get- Limited Items Report, Grinding Guide and a Premium membership with upgrades and support.

The limited items guide is a great thing to have because it teach you how to get the vast supply of limited items in WOW and how to resell them at the Auction House to make great profits. The guide has all a list of all the limited items along with vendor names and their locations.

Warcraft Millionaire is a comprehensive gold making guide that shows you how to become really rich in the World of Warcraft. The course is result oriented and easy to understand. What’s more, if you don’t like the books you can return them within 60 days and get a full refund.