Treating Yourself Right in Las Vegas: Eateries

When visiting any major city or tourist attraction many of the times tourists are concerned with finding the best restaurants and eateries in the entire city. Just as the Tavern On the Green is the most famous upscale restaurant in New York City that is also located in Central Park, there are also upscale restaurants that are located in Las Vegas that attract some of the same people. If you are looking for places to eat in Las Vegas then one should look no further than the very hotels and resorts that they are able to stay in. For example, the Bellagio hotel has a whole menagerie of restaurants that seem to invoke a good feeling a pleasure and taste. This is just one of the hotels, though, but the point of it all is that one should treat him or herself right when touring all of Las Vegas. It certainly isn’t necessary to eat at inexpensive restaurants throughout the city when the best of the best foods can be purchased at many different hotels throughout Las Vegas.

The Bellagio Menagerie

As mentioned, the Bellagio Hotel is the one hotel that literally has a menagerie of restaurants available to eat in. In addition, some of the world-class chefs not only learn to cook at these restaurants, but there are also very important people and tourists that eat here as well! Here are some of the more interesting restaurants throughout the Bellagio that are also well-known for the foods that are served:

Prime – This is the restaurant that one has to go to if they are looking for the ultimate steakhouse in all of Las Vegas. In fact, many people go to Las Vegas simply to experience the food of the Prime restaurant. However, the steak that can be experienced at Prime is also some of the most expensive. But what else can you expect at a world-class hotel,

Jasmine – Just as though Prime is the best steakhouse restaurant in all of Las Vegas and it is in the Bellagio Hotel, so too Jasmine is the best and ultimate restaurant to go to if you want a taste of the best Asian food in Las Vegas!

Sensi – Who would have that that Asian food and Italian would go together, Certainly the owners and creators of the Sensi restaurant thought that Asian and Italian blends would be what some people love and it turns out that this is one of the most popular restaurants to go to that is also located in the Bellagio Hotel on the Spa floor level.

Another restaurant that doesn’t have anything to do with the Bellagio in Las Vegas is the place to eat at if you are looking for the best crab and seafood in Las Vegas. A restaurant called The Palm located in Caesar’s mill is absolutely scrumptious when it comes to serving some of the most fresh and best crab throughout the world!

Certainly there are other places, too, that are known for the excellent cuisines that they serve in Las Vegas. A couple of the restaurant scenes that haven’t been mentioned here include the Bouchon, Rosemary’s as well as Shintaro. All of these places are known for the food they serve, and there is nothing better to do than treat yourself right when visiting Las Vegas and the many eateries available!