Tabletop Poker Table – Take It with You

Even if you just don’t have enough room for a dedicated poker room you can still get the feel of having a full fledged poker table by investing in a portable tabletop poker table. These tabletops come in all shapes and sizes and you can even find them big enough to accommodate your weekly Texas Hold’em poker game.

Obviously the first thing you’ll need to determine is the shape of your table top. If you’re going to place it over a round table you’ll want a round table top. Sometimes, depending on the size of the top, you can place a octagon table top over a round table so there can be a little lee way.

Once you know the shape you’ll also need to figure out the size. Again, the size of the table that the top will fit over needs to be take into consideration, and again, there may be a little wiggle room when it comes to sizing your new tabletop poker table.

You’ll also want to take the overall weight of your table into consideration. How often will you be folding up your table to put it away in the basement or haul it over to a friends house, If you’re going to be doing this very often you won’t want a really heavy table top.

Also, does the table top come with a carrying case and how small is it when totally folded up, Most tables will either come with a carrying case or at least a strap to hold it in place when you move it.

Don’t think that you have to skimp on features just because you’re getting a portable table top either. Most of them will still have drink holders and even chip racks in some cases. You can still have a very nice looking poker table even if you need a portable style.

Once you’ve determined the size and shape you’ll want to start comparing prices. To do this your best bet is to go online and start checking out various websites. Even though you’ll probably get a better deal online that doesn’t mean you have to actually buy online if you don’t want to . But there is no easier way to compare prices and features without running yourself ragged than by comparing products online first.

You can also check out some offline sites that may carry these table tops. Places like big discount retail stores and, believe it or not, even sporting goods stores often carry poker tables though they won’t have the same variety as an online store will.

Sometimes you’ll even have the option of some customization of your table top, though you obviously won’t have this option if you go to your local retail store.

No matter what your budget and no matter what your available space may be, you can still get a really great looking, full featured poker table. Don’t think that just because you need to get a tabletop poker table that you’ll have to sacrifice style or features, for the most part, you won’t.