Table Top Poker Tables – Save Space and Money

If you don’t have the room, or the budget, for a fully decked out poker table, don’t worry you can still have a great looking place to play poker with your buddies by investing in table top poker tables. These are portable tops that can be placed directly over another table. They can be made up of many types of finishes. You have choices of the types of woods, as well as the type of fabric the actual top is made up of.

Many manufacturers will even offer you to fully customize your table top. You will have many choices but the first thing you have to decide is what shape of a table you want. You can choose from rectangular, round, or octogan. If you don’t have a very big budget you can even make your own table top poker tables.

The internet has many sites where you can pick out and customize your plans and you can build your own. It’s a simple process where all you really need, besides the plans, is the wood, some foam to form a padded elbow rest, some felt or other covering (you have many choices for your covering material).

The portable nature of these tables make them a popular choice not just because they are inexpensive to buy, but also because they can be easily transported or stored. They will fold up and most of them will come with straps or a case so that when not in use (or when you’re heading to your buddies house for some great poker action) you can just grab the table and stick it in the trunk of your car.

When not using your table you can easily store it in the basement, or even under a bed. Even though these tops are economical it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some bells and whistles. Most of these portable tables will come with drink holders and even chip racks.

When you begin your search you need to have a good idea of your budget as well as the size of the table that you need. Do you already have a table that you will place your new poker top on top of, If so, what are the measurements of that table,

Once you’ve answered these questions it’s time to head to your local sporting goods store (I know that sounds like a weird place for a poker table) discount department store or online. With so many options to choose from not only with the size, finish and shape of the table but also with the many places you can buy one, it might be wise to invest some time to make sure you get just what you want at the very best price possible.

If you’re an avid poker player and you want a great place to enjoy your passion but simply don’t have the space or money, there are many options you have to choose from when it comes to buying table top poker tables.