Stamina Pilates Machine – Beginner To Experienced Home Gym

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to pilates or have been going to a studio for some time now, you may have decided that now is the time to invest in some equipment for your home. The most common piece of equipment for home use is the pilates reformer. This piece of equipment will help you get a better workout by keeping your body in proper alignment throughout the range of motion. There are many models of reformers available but one of the most popular is the stamina pilates machine.

Stamina makes a complete line of pilates equipment with prices from a few hundred dollars all the way up to over a thousand dollars. Even with the least expensive, entry level model you can still get a complete workout. Pilates incorporates stretching and strength training in the workouts but one element has been missing… aerobic conditioning. That is until now.

One of the reasons the stamina brand of reformers is so popular is because they come with a Cardio Rebounder. This feature allows you to get a cardio workout while you are getting all the benefits of a traditional pilates workout which makes this a truly complete workout system.

Think about it for a minute, how often have you had to do different workouts and use multiple pieces of equipment just to get your strength training, your stretching and your cardio, With the stamina reformer you can do all of that on one simple to use machine. Changing from one exercise to another is quick and easy, which is another complaint on many other brands of exercise machines, who wants to spend half of their workout time just reconfiguring the machine for the next exercise,

A recent study had a fitness instructor spending time on three different cardio machines, a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and a stamina reformer with the cardio rebounder, while hooked up to a heart rate monitor. This study showed that not only was she able to reach her target heart rate more quickly on the reformer with the cardio rebounder, but she was also able to maintain the proper heart rate. This proves that the cardio benefit from this machine is more effective than traditional cardio methods.

If you’re brand new to pilates you should probably take some time to do a class. It’s important that you learn the proper method for all the exercises you will be doing on your reformer. While the machine comes with an instructional DVD it’s almost always better to have a professional walk you through the various exercises and critique your form so you know that you are using the proper form and alignment.

When you start looking for pilates equipment for your home make sure you take a long look at the stamina pilates machine. This innovative design truly does offer a lot of bang for your workout buck. You can get in shape more quickly than you might be able to with other machines that don’t incorporate the cardio aspect to your workouts.