Sports Betting- 3

Combination Bet

When a wagerer places a number of end-to-end bets multiplying after each event, with the possible return as well as the associated risk, it is the ‘combination’ bet. All three individual bets must win for the bet to win. If any of these loses, the wagerer loses the entire bet.

Consider an example of a wagerer who chooses Lions to win the AFC West, Tigers to win the AFC East and Bears to win the AFC North with individual bet of $10. Now all these three must win for the bet to win otherwise the bet is a loser.

Run Line Bet

‘Run line’ is a bet where the favorite team has to cover a 1 1/2 run spread. It involves a spread of the odds change, so the smart wagerer will consider the odds-change to maximize his potential return.

Consider an example:

Moneyline Total Run line

* Tigers + 110 7.5 +1.5

* Lions -120 -1.5

Here, the wagerer can only win the bet if the Lions must win by 2 runs and the Tigers must not lose by 2 runs.

Round Robin

When a wagerer bets on the round robin, he bet on multiple parlays or teasers at once. Here the wagerer can choose between 3 and 8 teams and combine them in either teasers or parlays of 2 to 6 teams.

Suppose a wagerer is in favor of Buffalo, Tigers and Bulls; he can have a 3-teamer with Buffalo Tigers Bulls, and 2-teamers with Buffalo Tigers, Buffalo Bulls, and Tigers Bulls.

Future Bet

As the name implies, ‘future’ bet is a bet which is placed very much before the sports event has to take place. Future bets offer larger payouts which increases the difficulty of picking a winner.

Consider an example of a wagerer who placed a future bet on the Bulls to win the Super Bowl during the preseason.

Proposition Bet

Proposition bet, also known as prop bet is a bet where a wagerer bets on key sporting events like which team will win the toss or which player will score first.

Suppose a wagerer placed a proposition bet with 6/1 odds on Eagles to score first in the Super Bowl.

Half Time Bet

‘Half time’ is the bet which can only be placed in the second half of the sporting event.

Suppose if a wagerer wants to place a half time bet, he will place bet in the second half on his favorite team to win.