Sports Betting-2

Totals Bet

‘Totals’, also called “Over/Under” is the bet where the wagerer bets on the total scored points, regardless of who wins or loses.

Suppose that the total points scored in a given game is decided to be “50” points, whereas the payout of winning bet is “-120”, i.e;

* Over +50.0 -120

* Under +50.0 -120

Now, if a wagerer thinks there will be more than 50 points scored in the game, he bets the ‘over’. And If a wagerer thinks that the there will be less than 50 points scored in the game, he bets the ‘under’. A winning wagerer will get $100 for every $120 bet.

Incase, if the total scored points is exactly 50, then the bet is believed to be a push. All bets will be canceled and the stakes will be returned.

Teaser Bet

‘Teaser’ is a bet that’s very much alike parlay and allows the wagerer to bet on 2 to 7 teams together in one bet, with an attuned or teased point spread of each individual bet. If all the favorite teams win, the wagerer wins the bet or in other case if any team loses, the wagerer loses the bet.

Suppose a wagerer placed a two-team 9-point teaser on the Buffalos and Rams. If any one of these teams’ bet loses, the wagerer will lose the bet after applying an extra 9 points in his favor.

Straight Bet

If a wagerer chooses a team and a point spread, it is called a ‘straight’ bet. The payout of straight bet is 10/11 or $110 to win $100.

Suppose two teams Lions and Bears are listed at:

* Lions -5

* Bears +5

Here, Lions are the favorite so they cannot lose by more than 4 points for the bet to win. If the game ends on 5 points, then the bet will be voided.


When a wagerer bets on the ‘action points’, he will either get paid for every point his favorite team covers the point spread or, he will be charged for every uncovered point spread. This type of bet can only be played on a point spread and specifically available for football and basket ball.

Consider an example:


Eagles 187

* Hawks -5

Now if the wagerer bets $100 a point the Eagles with a cap of 10 points. Then the Eagles have to win by at least 5 points, and the wagerer will get $100 for every point over the point spread of 5. Conversely, if the Eagles do not cover the point spread, the wagerer will have to pay $110 for every point that they lose of the 5-point spread.