Sports Betting-1

Moneyline Bet

“Money line” is a bet which is exclusively on the result of the game, regardless of the spread. The money line generally indicated by the word “even” and can either be a positive or negative number. But usually the negative number represents favorite team. It represents the placed odds, and is always based on $100. This will be paid to the winning team.

Suppose two teams; Georges and Jacks are listed at:

* Georges -250

* Jacks 200

The negative (-) sign opposite to Georges, indicates it as the favored team to win. Here the wagerer will win $100 for every $250 bet on Georges. If the bet is on the Jacks, wagerer would get $200 for every $100 bet.

Parlay Bet

When a wagerer bets on ‘parlay’, he bets on two or more games together in one bet. Parlay offers a great benefit to its wagerer by giving a high return for a comparatively low investment. A ‘four-way parlay’ or more parlay indicates the number of involved games in the bet. It also indicates how high the payout will be. The more the number of involved games, the higher the payout will be.

Suppose a wagerer placed a four-way parlay on the Tigers, Jupiters, Leopards, and Rockers. If all the three teams win, the wagerer will get $400 for every $100 bet. But incase if any one of these teams loses the game, the wagerer will lose his parlay bet.

Point Spread Bet

‘Point spread’ is the bet where there are two teams; one team with a negative (-) number and the other with a positive (+) number. The negative number indicates the favorite team, whereas the positive number is for the underdog team.

Now, suppose there are two teams, Arizona and San Francisco which are listed at:

Away Home

* Arizona -8.0 -120

* San Francisco +8.0 -120

In the above example, “-8.0” is opposite to the Arizona which clearly indicates that they are the favorite. If the bet is on the Arizona to win, they must win by more than three points. Here San Francisco are the underdog as the “+8.0” points are opposite to it. So, if the bet is on the San Francisco to win, they must either win, or not lose by more than ‘8’ points. Here, the second number opposite to each team is showing the payout of the winning bet. This means that a winning wagerer will get $100 for every $120 bet. The bet will be fallen on the spread, if Arizona wins by exactly “8” points. In this case, all bets will be canceled and the stakes will be returned.