Ridgeway Grandfather Clock – A Family Hairloome

Looking for an exquisite piece of furniture that can be handed down to your children and grand children, and oh yeah, would you like it to be able to let you know the time as well, If so, one of the options you should consider is a Ridgeway grandfather clock. These clocks boast a timeless elegance and beauty that will never go out of style.

There are many top brands of grandfather clock manufacturers and Ridgeway is amongst this group. They’ve been building quality and beautiful works of art for almost half a century. You can find a Ridgeway clock in millions of homes across the country.

Ridgeway clocks come in a variety of models so they can cater to every taste and decor. They range from the classic to the contemporary in styling. Ridgeway only uses quality kiln-dried lumber and top of the line, German precision engineered movements in every single clock they make. All Ridgeway clocks come complete with a full manufacturers warranty.

There are many popular models of Ridgeway clocks. Some are quite simple and understated in design while others are very ornate with a lot of carvings and add on decorative elements such as stone, brass, glass, and even porcelain.

Some other styling features available, depending on the model, are etched glass designs, black numbers on a cream background, brass finished pendulum, to name just a few. Most grandfather clocks will come with a silent mode so you can turn the chimes off at night, since some people can find the chimes make it difficult to sleep (not me, I’ve always loved the sound of the chimes first thing in the morning before I got out of bed).

Several of the clocks will even have shelves inside the case where you can display collectibles. What a neat idea to display works of art within a work of art!

The shape of the top of the clock will vary as well, depending on the model. Some of the tops are square and some are round. There is a great deal of variation in the amount of carvings on the base. They can range from somewhat austere to highly elaborate depending on the clock.

These clocks will become the focal point for any room you put it in. Most of them will stand between 6′ and 8′ tall so make sure that you take that into consideration before making your purchase.

These clocks are not as hard to set up as you may think. They will all come with a comprehensive owners manual in case you have a question. Also, make sure you buy from a reputable dealer, they can be a valuable resource if your clock ever needs any warranty work or maintenance. Make sure you know when, and how often you’ll need to wind your clock. It’s also easy to over wind so be careful. Most clocks will need to be professionally oiled every few years so follow the owners manual.

It doesn’t matter if your home is a more contemporary look or if you like the old fashioned ornate style of furniture, there is a Ridgeway grandfather clock that will compliment any decor.