Reading Device – Which One Is Best

There are many choices available when it comes to buying a reading device. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what this is, this is simply a device that will allow you to read a digital form of a book, sometimes referred to as an ebook. These books can be downloaded and read directly onto a reader.

Amzaon and Sony seem to be the two leaders in the digital reader market. There are several features that are available and it’s important for you to take time and decide what features are important to you, and which ones you might not care that much about.

Here is a list of some of the things you will need to keep in mind before you purchase your reader.

1. Price. For many this may be the most important consideration. Readers are not cheap. They can range in price from around $259 to around $399. Again, you will need to decide which features are must haves for you and compare digital reader feature to feature.

2. Wireless availability. Currently only one reader has the option of wireless network standard. The Amazon Kindle provides you with access to their online store directly from your kindle and you don’t need to buy or sign up for any wireless service, it comes standard with the Kindle. You will be able to access the network from anywhere in the nation using the Sprint wireless network.

3.A few readers will allow you to download free book samples.

4. Screen sizes are fairly standard with all models so that won’t affect your decision very much.

5. Size of reader. Again, this is fairly standard so it probably won’t have much of an impact on your decision.

6. Electronic paper display. This option is available on many, but not all, models and greatly improves the reading experience by making the display look like real paper.

7. Memory. All units have internal memory which can vary in size from 16mb all the way up to 256mb. Some units also have the ability to add external memory.

8. Available titles. Some units have upwards of 240,000 available titles to choose from while others only have around 50,000. Some models also give you access to blogs and online papers and magazines.

9. How many books can you store, Again there is a wide range, from a low of around 80 all the way up to over 200.

10. Battery life. This can be especially important if you are going to be using your reader mostly away from home. Battery life will be between 2 and all the way up to 7 days. Of course, battery life will vary not only from one model to the next, but also with one model based on how you use your reader.

For example, if you use your reader mostly just for offline reading you will get longer life.

I hope this list of things to consider before buying a reading device will help you make an informed decision. Perhaps you can get the best model, for not only your budget, but your reading needs as well.