Pvc Soccer Goal – Step By Step DIY

Want to help your budding soccer superstar by helping them practice in the backyard, Don’t have really deep pockets, Well, good news, you can easily and inexpensively build your very own pvc soccer goal. It can usually be built and ready to go in just a couple hours, and you can really save yourself some money by going this route (without sacrificing the quality).

Here is an easy to follow, step by step blueprint on how to build a 4′ x 5′ durable, and inexpensive, backyard soccer goal:

1. You’ll need two 5 foot sections, two 4 foot sections, four 3 foot sections and four 1 foot sections. Get your pvc pipe, measure and cut (remember, measure twice, cut once!). Make sure that you sand off any rough edges that might be there after you cut the pipe.

2. When assembling your goal, lay it all out first, don’t attach the pieces to each other yet, to make sure that you’ve got everything right. You don’t want to find out you made a mistake after you’ve got all the pieces glued together. When you assemble the base you can use an elbow and attach one of the 1 foot sections to a three foot section. Lay each piece on the ground and add a T connector to the ends. Attach them using one of the 3 foot sections.

3. Repeat this process to build the top of the goal. The only difference is that you will attach the 1 foot sections to the 4 foot sections. Add elbows to the short sides of the base facing upwards.

4. Insert the bottom of the 4 foot sections to the base elbows. Attach the bottom and top pieces to the 5 foot pieces. This will help support the goal.

5. Once you’ve got all the pieces laid out properly, glue them permanently into place using PVC cement. Remember, that PVC cement dries quickly so don’t decide to take a break until it’s all put together.

6. Add the netting. Use zip ties (you can also use bungee’s, twine, or velcro) and attach the net to the frame. Make sure to put the fasteners every few inches so your net is securely attached. Also leave a little slack when attaching the net so it doesn’t rip apart after a few hard shots.

7. If you want to add some padding to the goal all you have to do is attach foam with duct tape to the PVC pipe. You will also need an anchoring system for your goal. You can either make it permanent or not. If you want a more permanent net just leave the ends of the PVC pipe a little longer, dig a hole and fill it with cement. You can then sink the extra PVC pipe at the bottom of the goal into the cement.

If you don’t want to permanently attach the goal to your backyard, you can just get some stakes and fasten them to the goal and then drive the stakes into the ground.

A little time and about $50 dollars is all it takes to be a hero to your kids. It’s pretty easy to make a pvc soccer goal, so what are you waiting for,