Pugg Goals – Portable – Stable – High Quality

Like most sports, soccer has a wide array of things that can help any player reach their full potential. One of those things are pugg goals. These goofy looking miniature goals are perfect for anyone who needs portability along with stability and quality.

These goals are half moon shaped and come in several sizes ranging from 2.5′, and up to 6′. They come with their own carrying case and when they are flat they are only about 1 inch tall. Due to the fact that they fold up so small and the carrying case you can keep them right in the trunk of your car so they are always ready for some fun in the park whenever you are.

These goals are also very lightweight, only weighing around 7 pounds. They have their own anchoring pegs that come with them. These pegs are made of a heavy duty plastic so they are not only durable they will also be safe for your kids since there aren’t any sharp edges to get cut on.

You can order your nets in a pair or you can get a single net, it’s really up to you, your needs and your budget. The prices will depend on the size you get and whether or not you get a single net or a pair but is usually between fifty and one hundred dollars.

These nets are strong enough for the adult players and safe for kids, so it’s the perfect thing for a league that has a wide range of players ages and abilities. Many coaches love them for their portability and the fact that they can really help a player perfect their technique.

When looking for these goals you may want to start with an online auction site or your local classified ads. You may be able to find a great like new goal for a lot less than you’d have to pay at your local sporting goods store. Why, Simple, you know kids, one day they want to be the next Beckham so their parents go out and buy all kinds of equipment and the next week the kid decides they want to play the violin.

If that doesn’t work for you than you can head online too. There are many sites online to look and you might find a better deal than down at the local sporting goods store. Just be careful that you only deal with reputable online companies.

It’s important to know what the return policy is as well as include all shipping and handling charges before you make your final decision.

Whether you’re a coach, a parent, or just someone who loves the game, you can really get a big bang for your buck with these cool little goals. Having a portable goal in your trunk ready to go whenever you are can really help you get the most out of your passion. It can help you kill time while waiting for your kids next match the next time they have a tournament or allow you to temporarily turn the back yard into a practice field. Given all that, pugg goals seem like the must have accessory for any true soccer lover.