Potty Training Issues

There are multiple problems that can come up when you try to potty train your children. Potty training issues are common. All parents run into the same issues with their children. By learning about the issues before you begin potty training, you will be able to address them correctly and efficiently. While each child is different, the solutions to these issues are often similar. Understand the possible solutions, but be sure to choose the solution that is best suited to your child.

Refusing to Use the Toilet

It is possible children will completely refuse to use the toilet. They do not want to be potty trained, and they will not even consider sitting on the toilet. Your child may feel too pressured to use the toilet. They may not like the idea of change. Toilet training is often a pressure and stressed filled time, and introduces a large change in the life of your child. They may simply avoid the process altogether to avoid the feelings of pressure and change.

Work with your child to make them comfortable. The process can be slow, and does not need to have much pressure involved. Be positive with your child so that they can feel comfortable with the entire process.

Scared of the Toilet

Often times fear of the toilet may stop the training process dead in it’s tracks. This is generally an issue that is seen in bathroom training with younger children. They are uncomfortable with the toilet, and can be scared of what they do not understand. They may not even be willing to approach the toilet.

Allow your child some alone time with the toilet, however stay within eyesight for proper supervision. They may be curious and will be able to settle their fears by interacting with it alone. Your child may also benefit from seeing an adult use the restroom. Leading by example is a great way to remove the fears a child may have.

Refusing Bowel Movements

There are children who will refuse to pass bowel movements on a toilet, even though they are willing to urinate in a toilet. You may need to try different approaches in this situation. Positive reinforcement is always a good option to turn to when dealing with toilet training issues.

Other children will simply refuse to use the toilet period. This may be a sign that it is too early for your child to use the facalities properly. This may also be a sign that they are simply not comfortable with the idea, and that your approach needs to change.

Look at these issues and think about the ways that you would handle them. Think about possible fixes and tips to work with your children. Use a combination of these tips if your child comes across these potty training issues.