Poker Table Cover – Spruce Up The Poker Table

Does that old poker table need a new poker table cover, You have invited all the old gang over for a poker party and you just took a good look at that old poker table that has been gathering dust down in the basement. It could really use a good freshening up. The old cover has some stains on it from drinks that got spilled and a couple of nasty tears in it, too.

Ok, easy enough to fix. All you need is some new fabric, some new padding, spray adhesive and a staple gun. Sure you can pay someone to recover your poker table but if you are even the least bit handy you can do this yourself. So save yourself some money go buy the materials you need to do this. If you can’t find the felt you need at a fabric store you may have to order it online. Give yourself enough lead time to get your table recovered before the party.

First, disassemble the old table, take off the padded rail if there is one and remove the old fabric and padding from the top. Make sure and get all the old stuff off so you do not have lumps and bumps in the new top when you put it on.

The felt you get should be tough and durable, so get some specifically made for a poker table cover. Green poker table felt should do the job quite nicely. It is a wool blend and made of the same quality they use out in Vegas on their gaming tables. Just make sure you get enough to cover the area you need. Take the measurements of your table to the store with you so the salesperson can help you get the right amount.

The padding doesn’t have to be anything special but should be 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Once you get the old cover and padding off the table and the area is cleaned, spray the whole area with the spray adhesive and then let it dry until it just gets tacky. Put the foam on and make sure it is secured to the table surface. Trim the edges of the foam to the size of the table.

Now it is time for the felt. Lay the felt you bought out upside down on a clean surface. Position the table top on the felt and begin by stapling the felt to the underside of the table. Put in a couple of staples then move to the opposite side of the table and pull the felt tight before stapling. Keep alternating sides of the table with every few staples you put in. This will keep the new table top nice and smooth. Trim any excess felt from the underside of the table and turn it over.

If your poker table had a padded rail that you had to remove, clean it up, put it back on and then your done. Now you have a brand new poker table cover and you won’t have to be embarrassed to have those friends over any more.