Online Self Defence – Why Learning Moves Online Is Becoming More Popular

When people think of learning self defence, they don’t necessarily look to their computer for instruction. However, these days, people have busy schedules and want to do many things online that they didn’t do previously. This is why the rise in online self defence classes hasn’t been a surprise to many folks.

So why would someone choose to learn self defence on the computer rather than in a studio locally, First of all, many people do have busy schedules these days that don’t allow them to go to a karate or Tae Kwon Do studio during normal operating hours. For instance, some people work the night shift or have a busy schedule with their kids. A stay at home mom, for example, may not have time to break away during the day or the busy dinner hour in order to take self defence classes.

Another reason why some people may choose to take their self defence classes online is because it can be kind of embarrassing for shy personalities to get up in front of a class full of people and learn how to kick, scream and fight. By having the ability to learn these moves at home, many people are able to study better and feel more confident in their ability to retain the information.

It can be a very intimidating feeling to walk into a self defence class feeling like a beginner. After all, this is a very new environment for a lot of people and all of the yelling and screaming can make someone feel very uncomfortable until they get more accustomed to the atmosphere. Plus, if a person is totally new to self defence then they may not even know what type of classes they want to take. Karate is different than Tae Kwon Do which is different than Jujitsu, so being able to take online classes provides a person with the ability to choose the right style for them.

One of the reasons why online self defence classes have become more popular is because they allow people to take their time and feel more comfortable before venturing out into an in-class situation. Plus, many of the online classes are much less expensive than signing up for weekly or monthly self defence courses at a local studio. Because they are step by step and can be replayed, the student might also feel much more comfortable being able to practice the moves over and over again in private without the need for a teacher standing over them.