One Year Anniversary Gifts Simple But Special

One year anniversary gifts are supposed to be symbolized with something paper. While this might sound a bit cheap for a present, there are many interesting and thoughtful ways that you can express your love in this category.

For women, a gift denoting the symbol of paper can be something that they can read, such as a nice book that they have always wanted to read or one from their childhood, such as a limited edition. Paper can also represent quality stationary, a nice journal or a decorative and personalized photo album that you can catalog all of your wonderful experiences in together for the years to come.

Men would love something sports related such as an autographed or numbered print of a sports team, a famous stadium where their favorite team is from or even a luscious drawing of a famous driving range, if they happen to be an avid golfer. Any kind of print that they can hang and admire will be perfect.

Books will also work for men, but it must be something very special as men tend to not read quite as much as women. Perhaps something along the lines of traditional would be a monogrammed bible. It could be something that they could cherish through the years.

Even though paper is the traditional gift idea, clocks are the modern choice. For those who want to make this approach then you have several options available for him or her.

Of course, there is the obvious choice of a clock that she can place in the home as a reminder of her man, or he can use in an office or on his desk. Even if he has a man cave or a workshop the right clock is perfect to adorn the wall wherever he spends his leisure time.

You can alter the perception of clocks by also going with the idea of a watch. This is a great idea for both sexes and gives you an open range of possibilities to choose from.

For her, the most delicate watch for special occasions will draw her admiration while something a little subtler can be used in her everyday activities. If she is into sports, then a nice sports watch might be the way to go.

Men love watches, too, and are generally open to almost any selection you can imagine. Since men can utilize different types of watches in various circumstances they make wonderful first year anniversary gifts.