Oak Grandfather Clock Beauty Personaified

One of the most popular woods used for making grandfather clocks is oak. Though you have your choice of other woods such as beech, cherry, maple, and pine, oak remains a favorite for many reasons. So if you’re on the lookout for a great oak grandfather clock, read on.

Most any wood can be stained a wide variety of colors. I used to own a home, for example, that had solid oak woodwork that was stained a dark cherry color. I liked the combination since the reddish cherry color only accentuated the rough grain of the oak. Oak has a very course grain appearance so the grain of the wood will show up even with the darkest stain, which is why so many people like oak for all types of furniture, not just grandfather clocks.

Another reason oak is so sought after is that it is a very hard wood. When you are buying a time piece that will become a family heirloom you want it to last, and look good, for a long, long time to come. The resistance of oak to damage can help ensure that no matter how many kids, moves and trips for maintenance it might endure, it will still look like new even when your kids have their own grandkids.

No matter what types of wood you choose for your grandfather clock, you can still get many different styling options. There are choices of which chimes you have, there are choices of how the top of the clock is designed, there are choices to how much, or little, carvings there are on the clock.

These fine oak clocks can have many added style elements to the front of the clock. Everything from a built in curio cabinet in the base of the clock to stone, marble, glass and porcelain aspects.

Depending on the manufacturer, the clock may be solid oak or made up of solid wood and veneers. Oak is not only a very hard wood, it is also a very heavy wood. If you get a 6′ to 8′ tall grandfather clock made out of solid oak, it’s going to weigh a lot. Keep that in mind when deciding on the size of your clock. If you have to haul the clock up a flight or two of stairs you’re going to need help… a lot of help.

If you are thinking of buying an antique grandfather clock it will behoove you to do a lot of research first. There are many less than reputable dealers around and many of them are more than willing to take your money for an inferior product. If you don’t know much, or anything, about antiques you should enlist the help of an expert. You will probably have to pay them some sort of fee for their time and expertise, but if it saves you from being taken, it’s money well spent.

An oak grandfather clock is a great choice not only for it’s beauty but also for it’s longevity. If you are considering this type of family heirloom you’ll obviously want it to last a long time, and oak is just the wood for the job.