Are you tired of decorating the room with the Christmas tree in the same colors and with the same ornaments year after year, It means you are ready to try a change and why not trying some natural elements that emphasize the beauty of a wonderful season.

To achieve your change of scenery you can use this time materials from your own garden. Or from the green area placed near your house. You will need more imagination and resourcefulness than ever to find the ornaments hidden out there because winter often tends to cover them.

Very appropriate for creating ornaments are dried leaves, ornamental plants, tree branches and fruits. If properly and creatively arranged, they will be the perfect choice.

For a plus in color, you can add flowers with well-known resistances, which will last throughout the holidays, giving a fresh note to your ornaments. And this way the ornament has a natural feeling, a perfume that reminds of the forest and of the garden full of flowers. And it is all for free!

You can enrich this ornament with fruits and vegetables in attractive colors. Or just add some cherries and yellow or green apples, pears and bananas. That should give you a colorful combination that can last a while.

Every time you use little braches in your arrangement don’t forget to slice a little the part that will go in the water vase. This way you will stimulate absorption and make your ornament last longer.

It is better that these ornaments that will rule over the Christmas dinner are not very tall, so they would not get in the way of eating and talking to each other. If there is some ornament you don’t want to give up although it is very tall you can place it near by, on an accent table. This way it is going to be admired by your guests without getting in their way.

Just try to be creative and with no money at all you will come up with never seen before ornaments that will indeed make holidays special and unique!