Fold Up Poker Tables – Save Your Space

If creating a space where you and your family and friends can get together to play some poker has always been a dream of yours, you’ll be happy to know that with the availability of fold up poker tables it may not be as difficult, or expensive as you thought it would be. Instead of concentrating only on the cards or chips you should actually make choosing the best type of poker table more of a priority and even with a portable table, you still have options.

Having the ability to fold up your table when not in use, makes it possible for you to actually get a bigger table. Keeping a full sized table open all the time might be impossible for many people, but if you can fold it up and slide it into a closet between games you may actually be able to get a larger table which can improve the quality of your games.

Being able to comfortably accommodate all the players, have room for comfortable chairs, have drink holders and chip racks and having a surface covering that allows the cards to move easily are all features you want to have in your poker table. Also take the type of chairs you will use with your poker table into consideration. Make sure that the chairs will fit comfortably under the table and that there is enough room between players. No one will wants to feel like they are crammed in together.

When looking for fold up poker tables you’ll still have choices as to the size and shape and many companies make standard size and shaped portable poker tables too. This is great because you can have a full sized, professional style table to impress your friends even if you are space challenged since you can just fold the table up and put it away when the game is over.

How small the table is when folded is another consideration. If you need to store your table in a closet you’ll want to make sure it will fold down small enough to fit. Also, is the table easy to fold up or does it take an advanced engineering degree to get it down, If it’s cumbersome to unfold the table, that is going to get really old, really quickly.

You can also have your portable table custom made which will give you several options in terms of the types of drink holders and the types of cloth. You can choose between regular billiards felt or the professional feel of speed cloth. In many cases you’ll even have the choice of what colors you want.

As with most things, you’ll have a lot of choices when picking out a portable poker table. This is good news since you won’t have to sacrifice styles, size or quality just because you may be a little short on extra room. Having fold up poker tables
allows pretty much anyone to have a really cool poker room, even if it is just temporary.