5 Potty Training Tips for Girls

There are multiple tips and tricks that can make the entire potty training process easier, especially for girls. Knowing some potty training tips for girls will help you to deal with your own child. While there are some tips that are generic for both guys and girls, there are some that are specific to girls. Be sure to understand these tips and tricks before you start potty training. You want to be able to introduce these right away, as consistency is the key to success when potty training your own daughter.

1. Familiarization Time

It is important for you to give your little girl the time she needs to become familiar with the toliet. The earlier you start this, the easier it will be for her to adapt to the seat and the noise of the toliet flushing. A great way for her to learn this is to accompany you too the bathroom, when possible. Allowing her to observe the proper steps for using the toliet.

You want her to be comfortable with the toilet and not be scared of using it. One of the best ways to do so is to allow her to flush the commode and listen to the water running while refilling the tank. Another simple training step is to permit the raising and lowering of the seat. Make certain the toliet is santized and be sure to wash your childs hands after this training exercise.

2. Keep the Potty in the Bathroom

If you are working with a small training toilet, be sure to keep it in the bathroom. You want your child to learn that they need to get into the bathroom when they need to use the toilet. This will make the transition between small toilet and large toilet easier.

3. Proper Wiping and Cleaning

It is important for you to teach your child how to wipe and clean herself from the very begining. They need to learn to wipe from front to back, in order to avoid any bacterial issues. The earlier you teach this, the easier it will be for them to do this habitually.

4. Loose Fitting Clothes During Potty Training

As you and I well know that sometimes the need to use the potty can come on us quickly and with very little warning. Consequently the ability to remove our clothing, rather speedily, is paramount in our minds. Thus the same need in your small daugher can seem twice as urgent to her. One simple way to help her is to dress her in loose fitting clothing during the potty training phase especialy.

5. Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a great tip for anyone who is potty training a girl. You will want to make sure that your child feels as if they are doing something right when they use the toilet. Make a chart and allow them to mark off the days that they have not had an accident. After a certain amount of days, they receive something that they want. This is a simple and easy way to encourage your child to use the toilet and avoid accidents.

By using these 5 potty training tips, during your daughter’s training, you will help to ensure that the process is as stress free for both of you; as humanly possible.