5 Potty Training Tips for Boys

There are a lot of facets and aspects of the potty training process to consider. There are multiple ways for you to potty train your child. There are multiple issues that can arise, and multiple things that may need correction. These 5 potty training tips for boys aim to make it easier for you to potty train your child. These tips will make it easier for your child to deal with potty training. It will also ensure that they can learn how to use the toilet correctly quickly and easily.

1. Working With Both Standing and Sitting

Boys need to learn both standing and sitting when they potty train. If you want to have effective potty training, start with sitting. You can teach your boy to stand once he has mastered potty training. It is easier to deal with sitting than it is with standing in terms of potty training.

2. Target Practice

Aim is a big issue to deal with when you are potty training a boy. They need to learn to control their penis. Some parents will put small paper or food objects in the toilet, and tell their child to aim. This turns it into a fun game for the child, but teaches them an important part of toilet training.

3. Alone Time

It can be easy for your boy to be scared of the toilet. Letting your boy have some alone time with the toilet is the best way to remove this fear. However, it is important for you to be within eye sight for safety and sanitary reasons. Let them explore the toilet. Let them touch it and have some alone time with it. This will hopefully pull them away from any fears that they may have. It may be the step you need to take to remove the fear from the entire potty training situation.

4. Working With the Toilet Seat

If you want to take care of as much as possible at once, work with your child about putting the toilet seat up and down. The earlier you work with this, the better.

5. Positive Reinforcement

One of the tricks to toilet training is getting your boy to avoid accidents. Positive reinforcement is one of the easiest ways to do so. Get a chart, and allow your boy to mark off the days that he has not had an accident. When he has accumulated a certain amount of days, or a certain amount of days in a row, he receives a gift or present.

These potty training tips for boys are important to consider before you even begin the potty training process. You will want to use these tips from the minute you begin the process. You want to work on sitting before standing, and you want to work on aim. Failure to do so in the beginning may cause some issues later on in the process. Using these 5 tips with your son will make it easier for you to potty train them.