Vintage Clothing for the New Generation

It’s the hottest thing to hit the streets! Some say it’s even hotter than that video of the Disney kid. Yes, that’s right hotter than that! But what is this hotter than hot new fad that’s sweeping the streets and every crevice of the country’s high society, It is none other than Vintage Clothing. That’s right, something that old is the newest hit of the modern fashion scene and almost everyone is hooked.

What makes it so special, Well, aside from the fact that it is not as hard to find as the last piece of clothing Beyonce wore to the Grammy’s, it is also as good as free (that’s if you could find old clothes mom and dad wore when they were hitting it up back in the days). That and probably because even Hollywood big names are getting in to it as well. Vintage is all the rave of people especially the new generation of individuals with a good fashion sense and a good eye for a beautiful piece of clothing.

But what kinds of clothes can we actually call vintage clothing and what are those that are not. Well, one fact remains true for the generation that was then and that is now, whatever looks good and has good quality can be qualified as vintage clothing. The reason behind this is because there is no actual rule that applies to what vintage clothing is and what is not. Basically the main principle in finding and using vintage clothes is all up to the person looking at it.

But if there are no rules then it may come out as something that anything that we can dig up from the attic can be vintage item. Well, for that matter it’s a yes. Anything that we dig up our house’s attic has the potential to be called a piece of vintage clothing. It’s really up to us to carry it around and make it look good. But here are a few tips on how and what we could put on that people can say that it’s vintage clothing.

Age-the year that the clothes play a major distinguishing factor to the “Vintageness” of it. Age pertains to the year that the piece of clothing was made and originally sold. Basically, the older the material the better, as many would agree.

Quality-if the piece of clothing is as good as the day it rolled of the assembly line the better the value. If you are planning to have Vintage clothing as a form of business then quality is definitely something you have to consider.

Functionality-regardless of the style, age and quality of the material if you can’t really use it then it’s as good as trash to anybody. Make sure that the material you choose is still functional and not a total waste of effort.

Uniqueness-of course you also have to consider the uniqueness of your vintage clothing. If there are other people with the same print or design then it may be a good idea to look for other materials that you could use.

It’s not really rocket science if you want to get yourself a good find when it comes to Vintage clothing. All you have to have is a lot of patience, a good eye and a sense of personal style. Remember that it the man that makes the clothes and not clothes making the man.

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