Cheap Reptile Cages Can Be A Basic Design

People love to have pets, but sometimes the traditional choices aren’t enough. For those who want something a little different, but are afraid that it will be too much of an overwhelming cost, there are cheap reptile cages that you can use.

The great thing about their design is that even though they are intended for reptiles it doesn’t mean that they can only be used for that. In fact, they are a very basic design making them perfect for many small animals.

But for those who are determined to have a reptile there are plenty of options available for housing them. The basic designs are relatively inexpensive and come without frills. In order to keep down the cost they are usually designed with screen for the sides and will typically have a pvc or other type of plastic framework.

As long as the animal you will be housing is not too large or overly aggressive these units are fine to use. The screen material is designed to withstand common abuse from claws. The only downside to them is that they will not keep the animal as warm as an enclosed case and there is always the possibility of the sides becoming damaged.

When shopping for one of these structures it is important to make sure that small children do not have a lot of exposure to it. It is very easy for them to punch a hole in the side with an object or even taunt the creature into becoming ferocious. The last thing you want, is for a child to become injured.

These units are not really designed to house snakes as their fangs could become entangled in the mesh. Plus, as it grows the sheer weight of the animal might be too much to be pushed against the sides, causing it to become separated.

Even though cheap reptile cages are commonly used in the home it is something that has to be carefully considered. You want to make sure that your family is safe, but at the same time the animal has to be protected, as well.