Chameleon Cage You can Be Proud Of

If you are in the market for a chameleon then you will need a place to house it. But it can’t just be any structure. The right chameleon cage has to be specific to the animal or your animal may not survive.

These creatures may look fierce for their size, but they are actually incredibly sensitive animals. No ordinary structure will suffice: it needs to be as close to their normal habitat as possible.

Like other reptiles, these animals are cold-blooded. That means that they must have access to a heat source at all times. If not, they will slip into shock and die. But at the same time, it cannot be overwhelming heat, either. The best design will have a single lamp or multiple ones mounted on the top well out of reach, but close enough to maintain proper body temperature. This will take some adjustments to tweak.

Like other lizards, these breeds need ample space to move around. They like to sun, climb and even have their own sanctuary in order to get away from their surroundings when they feel threatened. Make sure all of these areas are included in your design. Pay special attention to the amount of room you give them. There is no such thing as too large of a house for them.

Remember that chameleons are territorial so if you have more than one it will have to be well separated. This is one instance where it is better to only have one since they will work to defend what is causing undue stress.

Water is a critical area. These creatures will not drink from water unless it is moving. That means having a drip system in place. These can be rather intricate in design so make sure to do enough research to feel comfortable with their installation, as well as their maintenance.

A chameleon cage has to have a proper bottom in it. With the amount of humidity created with the water system you need to ensure that the bottom will not retain moisture and rot. Even with mulch or grass on the bottom of the cage it should be easy to pull out and clean.