Bachelorette Parties – Mild to Wild

It used to be that before two people got married, the guy would have a bachelor party, and the woman would have a bridal shower. The groom to be would normally have a wild time with his friends, including drinking and strippers; while the bride to be would have a more sedate affair at someone’s home, where she would receive gifts and advice from the women in attendance.

But in more recent years, women have been asking why should the guys have all the fun,

That’s a great question! There’s no reason why women can’t go out and have a good time, too. After all, the groom to be isn’t the only one who is making a lifelong commitment to one partner. In this day and age, more and more women are choosing to have bachelorette parties which are much closer to the stereotypical bachelor party.

If you are the one in charge of planning the bachelorette party, then there are a few things you need to decide. However, the main thought you should keep in mind during the entire planning process is if the bride to be will appreciate it and have a good time.

Whether to get a male stripper or not is one of the biggest decisions. If you choose to get a stripper, then you will have to consider who will be invited to the party. For example, if the bride’s mother, aunts, or grandmother will be there, then a stripper may not go over well (though you may be surprised!). Also, not all women care for strippers, or have moral objections to them. If that’s the case, then it’s best to not hire one.

If you plan on a long night of heavy drinking, and having a wild night on the town, then it’s best to rent a limousine or bus. That way all the girls can have their fun, but nobody has to risk their life by getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking.

Drunk driving is one safety issue, but you also need to be alert to other risks. Let’s face it, there are a lot of creepy guys out there, so you need to stay on your guard. A good rule to follow is to never leave one of the members of the bachelorette party alone. Don’t let them go home with a guy they have just met either. Everybody may be having fun, but there are people out their who may prey on that perceived weakness.

Now, don’t let any of that stop you from having a good time though. Have fun! Live it up! And everybody needs to do their best to make sure the soon to be bride is having a blast. This is supposed to be the last night of fun and “freedom”, so go for it!

Of course there is no rule that says a bachelorette party has to be a night of drunken revelry either. Think of what the bride would like to do, then plan around that. She may not be a rowdy person, may not like drinking, or prefers more intimate settings where good conversation is the focus.