Want to create a good wardrobe collection, Add a cashmere v neck sweater!

The fact of the matter is that any occasion dressing is really easy as long as you know the basics of dressing up.

A basic collection of clothes in your wardrobe basically consist of pants, skirts, pantsuits, shirts, dresses, blazers, blouses, shoes, sweaters as well as one or two coats.

The following are basic tips and advice to make your personal wardrobe as colorful and as interesting as it could possibly be.

Make a list and check it twice

It would be best if you make a general list of the usual casual, work and formal clothes you wear in order to get a more clear image of the particular types of clothes that you need.

Consider everything when making your list, included here is the weather, texture, color and style.

Choose flattering clothes

The best types of color on you is one that would flatter you and at the same time respond to your own needs and preferences.

The colors brown, white and black as well as gray are neutral colors that cater to most other palettes.

As much as possible, make sure that a lot of the items work possibly with the others, this is so that you will be able to mix and match with other items in your own wardrobe.

Also, a basic necessity in any wardrobe are pairs of slacks. Having these works well both in the office as well as in occasions that require semi casual clothes.

Select slacks that are black in color and one that is lightweight. Choose gray, camel wool for a basic foundation. Take note that a pantsuit that is black in color will be able to give the wearer two basic pieces.

Also, choosing a classic great white silk or a blouse made from pure cotton or linen is a great piece under a cashmere neck sweater and by in its own self, could contribute to various combination of outfits.

Having skirts that have neutral colors and with a variety of lengths is also easily mix-able with other clothes especially cashmere v neck sweaters.

A wardrobe must: cashmere v neck sweaters

It is highly advisable that your wardrobe has cashmere v neck sweaters. Believe it or not, it is a practical decision as cashmere v neck sweaters could be matched and mixed with almost anything and everything in your wardrobe — provided of course that you good style and fashion taste.

The great cashmere v neck sweater colors are the solid ones. One type could be silk while another is a wool that is medium in weight, or if you prefer it could also go alone.

The fact of the matter is that a cashmere v neck sweater or a crew neck or a basic cardigan are pieces that are extremely versatile.

These pieces have the miraculous ability to extend your own wardrobe.

Another option which you could have, and which is perfectly suitable for your cashmere v neck sweater is having a shawl. This piece is also easily adaptable and equally useful in any way you would want. You could drape it over cashmere or tie it around or on your shoulders.

All in all, a cashmere v neck sweater is both a classy and always trendy piece in your wardrobe. Simply put, you could never go wrong with a cashmere v neck sweater.

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