Buying a black cashmere sweater

The holiday season is a time for buying and splurging not only for personal use but also for other people. At this time, almost every person will scout all stores just to be able to find the best gift for that particular someone. In the mad rush for buying, most people forget how it is to choose the best quality gifts.

One gift that a person can splurge on because it really is worth it is a black cashmere sweater. A black cashmere sweater is good for men and women and a person will always make a good decision buying this as a gift for friends or loved ones.

A black cashmere sweater is very versatile and can be used on any occasion, formal or casual, house wear or even party wear. Pairing it with a nicely-cut black skirt or a pair of slacks of any color would no doubt bring the elegance of a black cashmere sweater.

Most people are looking forward to having a cashmere sweater either out of their own purchase or as a gift from someone they know. Give any woman a black cashmere sweater and she would cherish the gift for life! Any giver who would be wise enough to give such a gift to a career woman will have her utmost respect.

So why are cashmere sweaters a hit among men and women, The silky feel of a cashmere sweater on the skin is enough make the wearer feel luxurious and pampered. It is also very light that there is no problem with washing it even b y hand to keep it in the original state or quality.

Wearing a black cashmere sweater would make any person feel glamorous knowing its price tag and value. It would also be nice if the giver can write a thing or two about cashmere on a piece of card and attach it to the gift box so that the recipient would have an idea of what she or he is wearing.

Cashmere may be considered glamorous but it has a very good history starting from its humble origin in the countries of India, Iran and China. Cashmere wool is however more known as a product of Kashmir.

Cashmere is sourced from goats during the shedding season of the Kashmir goats. The wool of the goat helps in keeping them warm during winter but they begin to shed them off when the season changes. When the goats start to shed their wools, then it becomes harvest time for wool gatherers.

The throat and that part below the belly of the goat are the sources of the best cashmere. They feel very soft when made into sweater, dresses, shawls and other clothing wear.

The recipient of a black cashmere sweater would be glad to know that cashmere garments were made only for royalty because of the rarity of the cashmere source. The wife of Napoloen Bonaparte, Empress Eugenie, was a lover of cashmere shawls and her famous husband gave her no less than seventeen cashmere shawls.

To take special care of cashmere sweaters particularly knitted cashmere sweater, they have to be washed by hands.

Having a black cashmere sweater will always make the wearer feel elegant, loved and pampered. So during the holidays or on any special occasion, the gift of a cashmere sweater will always be cherished.

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