4 Benefits of the Dance Dance Revolution Metal Dance Pad

Dance Dance Revolution is an incredible video game craze that has managed to stay popular through more than 10 years of gameplay. More and more people feel connected to the video game dance craze through DDR. Many people look for the best DDR dance pad available for their DDR use.

If you are serious about your own home DDR use you are going to think about a Dance Dance Revolution metal dance pad. The metal dance pad has many different benefits that make it the perfect dance pad for DDR. These four benefits will help to explain the importance of the metal dance pad.


One of the most important things for you to look for in a pad is stability. If you want to try the hardest levels of Dance Dance Revolution you are going to want a pad that is not going to move. A metal dance pad will not move as you use it, giving you the stability that a regular bad simply cannot provide.


There are people who take Dance Dance Revolution seriously, purchasing the best dance pads for their own homes. Those who want to bring Dance Dance Revolution to an arcade or other professional business are going to want to purchase metal pads. Simple pads are not professional, and can easily be broken or damaged.

Ability to Use Shoes

Metal pads have one major advantage over all other types of pads; they allow you to use shoes. The pads are made for a high level of wear and tear, and can handle the pushing, gripping, and movement of the shoes. The shoes will allow you to get in the hardest levels of Dance Dance Revolution, allowing you to master the game or get in a good workout.

Only Needing One

Those who play Dance Dance Revolution on a regular basis are going to see massive wear and tear on their pads. Those who purchase a metal pad are only going to have to purchase one pad over the life of their game. Those who have regular pads may have to replace their pad multiple times over the life of their game.

You need to think about what you are going to use a dance pad for when thinking about purchasing a Dance Dance Revolution metal dance pad. You are going to be putting the pad through multiple uses, something that a simple pad will not be able to handle. You are going to want to know that you have found the pad that is going to hold up through our multiple DDR sessions. You can be sure that a DDR metal pad is the right pad for your Dance Dance Revolution needs.