20th Anniversary Gift Ideas And Suggestions

A 20th anniversary gift denotes quite a bit of time together, and therefore, should have quite a bit of emphasis placed on the present. For those who might not be familiar with the traditional and modern gift ideas, they are china for the traditional couple and platinum for the more modern ones.

If you are going with china, there are so many different avenues for this. China can mean everyday items or it can be specifically those for special occasions. There is a wide range of choices here so this choice will be based mainly on budget.

China can be very expensive so it will have to be determined if you are looking for something that is for everyday use. From here, you can further split your choices into plates or items for the kitchen or even personalized items such as trinkets or perhaps even a nice holder for earrings, etc.

After this length of marriage there is probably no need for a china collection unless it is something that has been put off through the years. If a woman has always wanted her own china to be passed down through the family this would be the perfect time to start collecting.

If, however, she already has her own set then maybe this gift could be more for her own wants. A vase or decorative dish would be nice or even a plate for the wall symbolizing a special trip or event in her life.

A selection of something in china for men might be somewhat difficult so this could take some thought. A nice decorative clock for his office would be great or perhaps even a nice personalized coffee mug. This is where the more modern approach will come in handy in finding him a present.

With the option of platinum this makes things somewhat easier for a woman. A man who enjoys jewelry might like a plain platinum ring for his left hand. She could also go with a nice necklace or even a bracelet. Engraved cufflinks would also go well with his wardrobe.

There are also solid platinum fountain pens and other specialty items. You can even go with something as unique as binoculars or items for a golf bag. When it comes to 20th anniversary gift ideas you might have to be a little creative, but in the end the one you love will appreciate the thought that went into it.